About us

Who we are?

We are a group of gamers, who specialises on finding bugs in-games, as well as glitches. We actually don’t like the idea of pay to wins to online games as the real talent of a gamer can be seen not on the in-game items he had purchase but because of his gaming skills, such as how he can control his main character, utilised and make use of his current items and skills set and how versatile he could play different characters or roles in different games.

We develop free steam gift cards website as we truly want to have a game that will not break our bank or wallet, imagine buying expensive games or IG items and after a couple of weeks you don’t want to play it again. Money for us – is very important that’s why we develop of a system that can help you save hundred of dollars in purchasing steam wallet credits.

The process of verification to get your rewards is actually the way we monetise this website and from that we where able to support our financial needs, to develop programs, find working steam codes, and to give you the best website dedicated to this particular topic. Again completing one of the verification process on our site will not costs you any money in return, it’s just your time and effort that we need to keep this site alive.

Again thank you so much for supporting our site and please share this to your friends online. Have a great day!